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1 Depression types. All in the Mind is always a useful listen especially as it points us to some useful research. Included here, is an interesting discussion of research into whether talking therapies affects the brain. This is described by Professor Dalgleish, and whilst it makes for a good headline I am not entirely convinced that depression could be 1600 different things.

What I also liked about this episode is the idea that having negative thoughts isn’t always a negative thing and Dalgleish describes his research on emodiversity.

The importance of negative experiences is also picked up in this marvellous Start the Week episode where the ever present Professor Haidt makes a case for adversity as a way of facilitating resilience and maybe acceptance of diversity.

2 Teenage Depression. As someone committed to working with teenage depression, I am keen to support sharing on the topic of depression especially when it comes from the lips of young men as cited in this website.

3 Children’s Mental Health. Child Commissioner in her recent analysis makes a case for more money for children’s mental health services. Always fails to confuse me how politicians can not understand how by investing in children’s mental health now will prove such a financial and emotional cost saving in the future.
4 Need for Health workforce planning. I wish I had a pound for every time I had heard we need a long term plan for the health workforce, I wouldn’t need to work at my ripe old age. Lets hope they put some serious thinking (and action) into this one.


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