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Before you consider me a sad person indeed for taking textbooks on holiday, in my defense I did finish a cracking thriller written by Kate Atkinson and at least started (a potentially great read) Sally Rooney’s Normal People.

But the book I did find quite inspirational is about Integrating Contemplative Practices (into other psychological therapies) edited by Victoria M. Follette and others. When I picked it up, I knew that I needed the luxury of time to best appreciate it – and what a good book it is.

Many of the chapters explore the use of mindfulness as a way in to helping people with mental and physical trauma. I came away feeling my ambition tempered and perhaps less likely to rush the whole process – no bad thing.

It reminded me of the room where I first attended creative therapies in order to increase my own psychological insights. There on the wall was a postcard that had the simple yet profound extract: “Tread softly as you tread on my dreams” (WB Yeats).

How great to be reminded what a privilege it is to work with the minds of others.

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