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I have just completed part one of my EMDR training.

Like many other participants on the training, it is hard to believe the speed and power of the process.

Within seconds quite difficult memories are surfaced, and without care it is easy to appreciate how re-traumatisation can happen. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate the need for past events to be processed rather than ignored. It is just that the pace is quite frightening and one that I wasn’t prepared for.

I was slightly disappointed by the unmet promise that EMDR offers a less confrontational approach to dealing with trauma – this wasn’t my experience on this training. I will need to do much more reading, training and supervision in order to explore a more gentle approach to the provision of EMDR.

I will use my early experience of CBT practice which was both “clunky” and awkward to stop me making that mistake with EMDR. Thus a gentle approach will be my special goal as I aim to work with people who have a history of “let downs” as well as traumatic events. People deserve nothing less than to work with a practitioner who is determined to offer an alternative experience to what they may have had in the past.

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