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Difficult to find any positivity with all that’s going on but I am feeling positive about next week. Teaching new students, providing supervision to eager supervisees, and then holidays.

I am also feeling positive on the back of some of my reading. In a couple of weeks I will be teaching case formulation and in preparation looking at books on this. Ann Garland who wrote an excellent book on persistent depression has a chapter in a book on case formulation and she makes difficult material easy to understand.

People with depression find it hard to remember positives, through no fault of theirs. Ann Garland describes the research on the depressive process that leads to difficulties in accessing pleasurable memories.

Ed Watkins has more recently made a case for helping people describe in detail their past difficulties and how this can help people to achieve a more balanced memory of the past. This made me consider how person centred counselling may also facilitate this process.

Interestingly, Ann Garland points to difficulties in goal setting for people with low mood and makes me wonder whether this reinforces the importance of enabling people to specify in detail future goals to be achieved.


  1. I try to find positives in every day things. I finished a project for grad school, that is a positive! I wrote a blog, that is a positive. I connected with others, that is also a positive. It is about the frame of mind when in a low mood that can mean the difference. I will look up Ann Garland, her work sounds interesting.

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    1. Thanks James – that is Ann’s view as well ie regardless of mood do things. Some people I work with find that too simple a solution to complex problems and I do get that also. Anyway, well done for all you achieve. Incidentally, there are some practitioners who say its about being not doing which is okay if the person is satisfied with their being. Must look at your blog. … and thanks. Steve

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  2. WordPress site improvement. Anybody got anytime to reshape my wordpress site? Of course I am not expecting this to be free so happy to pay for time spent. It looks rather sloppy so would like some nice finishing touches.


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