Therapy isn’t easy. Effective therapy means you facing up to some of the difficulties you may have been avoiding. This means you may feel more anxious and more depressed. This means you are likely to reap benefits in the long run.

Getting involved in the sessions even though it may be challenging will pay back. You can do this by thinking about what you want to discuss in the next session.

Therapy usually starts with you reviewing the last session. You will also be asked to rate your mood out of 10 or your anxiety out of 100. You will be asked about your week and asked if your mood and anxiety worsened and when.

As therapy progresses, you may also monitor your mood and anxiety. Notice any increase in anxiety or sadness as this may give you some good clues as to what is triggering them.

Between session work may be agreed between you and your therapist. There is evidence that this will help you apply benefits of your session work to your life. And don’t worry if you haven’t completed it, the reasons for this are also valuable to talk about.

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