These books can be read to help you prepare for therapy, or help you whilst you are  therapy, or maybe as a follow up or instead of therapy.

Some good books

  • There are various good books that I would recommend that you can use before, during or after therapy – or indeed, instead of therapy.
  • Many of the books by Chris Williams are helpful. He describes the 5 systems approach which you might use in therapy.
  • Overcoming Depression and Low Mood by Chris Williams published in 2014.
  • Overcoming Stress, anxiety and Panic: A Five Systems Approach by Chris Williams published in 2012.
  • He also has written a great self help book on Post Natal Depression.
  •  Greenberger and Padesky have an excellent book “Mind Over Mood” published in 2016.
  •  There are many good books on Mindfulness such as Mark Williams and Danny Penman’s 2011 book “Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world” – and contains an excellent CD of exercises is included.
  • The Overcoming book series published by Constable are written by trained psychotherapists and are very good

Some excellent leaflets can be found at this website: