Mental Health Websites (Updated)

Mental Health Websites and apps

There are hundreds of websites out there for people to choose from. So its good that you can go on the NHS website who have the expertise to sift through the good, the bad and the damn right harmful. The first link takes you to the NHS website that recommends what to click on.

I have also collated those websites that have been recommended to me – mostly professional recommendations.

In addition, I have included other resources (some local) which can signpost people for help.

Very well mind is packed full of interesting mental health material:

They include some good resources on meditation like these guided meditations:

Side by side are help pages from Mind and include links to talk to people and support people and other information on mental health:

Website helping children who have had trauma:

Help for children who self harm with this useful app:

A good website to support parents with children who are having mental health difficulties:

Here is a local directory for the Bury area, helping people find support. Some of these here are also national helplines:

Catch it is a CBT based application that is currently being reviewed by the NHS